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Hanging the washing is hard enough, but this is what's under foot at the moment

This is what it looks like under my clothes line at the moment So I slip off my pom poms and slip on my sliders at the back door hang the washing and back to my pom pom, ahh the job is done. to    and back to 

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March massive sale

Don't wait! Shop Now! http://www.allsortsstore.co.nz/Massive Stock take sale While stocks last (only on available stock)No sales category because everything is on sale, while stocks last or until 31st March 2017

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Embrace Traditions & Crate fun times

Many years ago I was so lucky to meet two wonderful ladies, and they created this fun and very memorable tradition. Every New Year, they would celebrate great times, great friends and some fun games. The loser of the evenings games get's to wear a fun apron, followed by the trophy of getting a celebratory photo on [...]

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Create an experience and let the gift be the reminder

Following on from my post last Fridays,Christmas the following year when I was 10 years old there was a even larger (80 x 80 cm) cardboard box under the tree.I looked at my Dad and rolled my eyes and said not this again! He laughs and nothing could take the grin off his face he [...]

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​Massive sale on Giant pool donut

Summer is starting to heat up so get your giant donutWas $54.99   Now only $30.00http://www.allsortsstore.co.nz/home-garden/pool-gi...

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What am I ? Colapz!

Buckets in the way? No where to store them! Just can't find a bucket when you need it!Actually you don't need a bucket you need a watering can, what are you going to do now!Have I got the solution for you, A collapsible bucket that also transform into a watering can, wow that transforms all the [...]

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Baby music Soother

Here is a Review by the wise baby on Baby Music Soother http://www.thewisebaby.com/crib-soothers-reviews/ Number one on the list Baby Einstein sea dream soother you can order your's now, just click the link below http://www.allsortsstore.co.nz/kids/baby-einstein-sea-dreams-soother/ and there is also http://www.allsortsstore.co.nz/kids/baby-einstein-sweet-dreams-moblie/

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