Bumbo Booster Seat in Aqua

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Bumbo Booster Seat

A booster seat is used over and over again...day in, day out!


This is certainly one product where your money will be well-spent!


Ergonomically-designed to provide comfort and safety, the Bumbo Booster Seat can be used in many situations:


"I have Bumbo Booster Seats for both my children attached to the dining room chairs. It means they can keep their head over the plate while eating. We love them and use them every mealtime". - Casey

"We take our Booster Seat with us when we go out for dinner. Some cafes don't have seats and it helps keep our toddler sitting nicely for longer". - Donna

"My 4 and 6 year olds still use their booster seats. They find them comfortable and they sit up higher so they can eat properly at the table". - Tika

"Our booster seat is great for artwork, playing games and mealtimes. We use it at least 5 times a day". - Robyn


The Bumbo Booster Seat enables toddlers to be seated on an adult chair.

- Includes 3 point harness.

- Adjustable straps fit almost all 4-legged chairs

- Easy to clean

- Soft, comfortable seat

The seat is made of the same soft material as the Bumbo Floor Seat. The Bumbo Booster seat is ergonomically designed to provide comfort, while the restraint belt and attachment straps helps to keep your child safely in place. This handy seat is ideal for feeding, teaching and general interaction with your child.