Speedminton S400 - Badminton Game on Speed

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Speedminton S400

The set for players who demand the best.

Both racquets are made of carbon-composite, have a Mega Power Zone (MPZ) and an u-profile. On the one hand you get a higher precision for your game on the other hand the rebound effect in the sweet spot area is increased.

  • 2 x racquets made of carbon-composite with Mega Power Zone (MPZ) and u-profile
  • 1 x Speeder® tube mix (with 1 Fun, 3 Match, 1 Night Speeder®) plus two wind rings
  • 1 x Easy Court Basic: the transportable playing field now also in the set!
  • 4 x speedlights for the Night Speeder® to play in darkness
  • 1 x set of playing instructions
  • 1 x black-and-white setbag